About Baby Shower Table Decorations

By Kathleen Gasior

About Baby Shower Table Decorations

Baby shower centerpieces set the tone for the party – a beautiful flower arrangement or an artfully arrayed bunch of balloons really make a table look festive and the room feel vibrant. Finding table decorations is simple, and you can craft many of them yourself!

By Kathleen Gasior

Planning a baby shower is just like planning a party, but choosing the table decor can be a little trickier. Boy, girl or mystery gender? Should you go traditional or trendy, and what colors are appropriate for a shower? Learn how to choose color schemes, shower themes and centerpieces, and even how to decorate for super-special events like an adoption.Whimsical and PrettyMost baby showers follow a traditional mode: pretty pastel colors, bunnies and bears, baby booties and a tiny trousseau. To set a table for this kind of shower, pick your palette of pinks or blues if the gender of the baby is known. If the baby’s gender is unknown, use pale green, yellow or lavender. First choose a table covering that echoes your main color scheme. For added drama, go a shade lighter or darker.

If you want to use a theme, keep it whimsical, like Winnie-the-Pooh and friends, Peter Rabbit, Hello Kitty or Raggedy Ann and Andy. If it’s not a surprise shower, it’s fine to ask the mom-to-be what her favorites are. For a surprise shower, call a sister or her mom to find out if the nursery has a theme and build upon that.

If you find a theme too restricting, line a large white wicker basket with a soft receiving blanket to match your color choice and fill it with pacifiers, boo-boo bunnies (idealpartydecor.com), baby blocks and colorful toys in shades of pink, blue or primary colors (red, blue and bright yellow). A diaper cake (fake cake made from diapers) can also be ordered to match any color or theme and makes a cute centerpiece.

For a pale yellow palette, go crazy with rubber duckies of every size and description. For pale green, think “Under the Sea,” with glitter fish, sea turtles, starfish and mermaids. A lavender color scheme looks great with teddy bears, large and small, in shades of creme, coffee, chocolate and white. Tie on a wide, matching silk ribbon and tuck in a gift certificate or two (think pedicure, manicure or her favorite department store).For the Trendy Mom-to-BeLet’s face it, not all expectant moms fall into the traditional category. If your honoree is a fashionista or super-hip, take that into mind when decorating for her shower. Go elegant, practical and minimalist or over-the top luxurious.

Some color choices might be chocolate paired with hot pink, classic cream and blue (picture a Tiffany gift box) or pink and orange. Be label conscious when shopping for gifts. Even if you buy less because of price, she’ll appreciate that you didn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach.

Set a centerpiece of beautiful matching flowers like pink peonies, blue hydrangeas, orchids or birds of paradise, with a contrasting fabric tablecloth.

For chocolate and pink, buy a large classic diaper bag (diaperbagboutique.com) in deep brown, fill it with hot pink baby items and don’t forget a few pampering items for mom (noodleandboo.com). If it’s a boy, make the theme chocolate and pale blue and do the same. Tie a gorgeous taffetta or silk ribbon on top for an elegant finish.

For the Tiffany theme, cover the table with a luxurious robin’s egg blue cloth and tie a wide, cream-colored satin ribbon across the width of the table, finishing it into a huge bow. Place two tall, clear vases on either side or the bow filled with blue hydrangeas or cream roses and white freesia. Fill a square robins egg blue gift box with small luxe baby items (toocutebabygifts.com).Special Events: Adoption, Etc.You may be called on to decorate for a shower under special circumstances, such as a foreign adoption, adoption of an older child or even a shower for men if you know a gay couple that is adopting. You’ll want the event to be just as celebratory as a traditional shower. The aim is to tailor the event to the honoree with good taste and sensitivity.

A foreign adoption can be a great opportunity to learn of cultural themes and special customs associated with that country. Just make sure you do your research or talk with someone who is a part of that culture. Use traditional colors representative of the country, but don’t forget that a baby is a baby and needs the same essential items.

If the shower is for the adoption of an older child, find out something about the child’s interests and favorite colors if possible. When in doubt, fill a hip laundry basket (potterybarnteen.com) with an iPod and gift cards to the coolest local clothing stores.

If it’s a shower for men, go easy on the pastels and keep it practical and elegant. Again, use a fabric table cover and a tailored “daddy” diaper bag filled with essentials.

No matter what you choose, the thought given to the decor will show in the details.ResourcesreferenceIdeal Party DecorationsreferenceDiaper Bag BoutiquereferenceNoodle & BooresourceToo Cute Baby GiftsresourcePB Teen

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